The TeleCorder

The TeleCorder records both sides of the telephone conversation, has automatic recording on single line phones, and may be installed in a remote area, out of sight, where it will still record all calls on the line.  To install the Tele-coder just plug it into a standard modular jack.

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  • Medical Matters
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  • Automatic record level
  • One-touch record button
  • One-touch playback button
  • Rewind/Fast Forward buttons
  • Stop/Tape Cassette Eject button
  • Tape Pause button
  • Slide Volume/Call Monitor control
  • Automatic end of tape shutoff
  • Built-in half speed
  • Built-in condenser microphone
  • Power/Battery check LED indicator
  • Can be either AC or Battery powered (incl.)
  • Call monitor switch
  • Earphone jack
  • Modular telephone connection
  • Supplied with UL/CSA approved power adapter
  • Supplied with C-60 cassette