Air Taser

21st Century Protection
When fired. the AIR TASERŪ launches two wire guiding probes which attach to the clothing of the target. Upon impact, it broadcasts electrical signals into the nervous system of the assailant with 5,900 milliwattes of power. These signals, called TASER-Waves™ jam the nervous system of the assailant temporarily. And if he can't move, he can't attack you.

Legal To Carry
Because it is not considered a firearm, the AIR TASERŪ can be carried with you or in your car without permits in most states (check local laws or call customer service). Further, the AIR TASERŪ is non-lethal and will not disrupt a pacemaker.

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Police-Proven Technology
This product is revolutionizing the way people defend themselves around the glove - used by wheel chair bound elderly women defending themselves in parking lots as well as Hostage Rescur Teams in South America. Formerly available only to police, now this technology is available to you.

Advanced Features
Automatic Timing: The AIR TASERŪ is programmed to run for 30 seconds. Just leave it attatche to the bad guy to keep him down while you get away and we replace it for free.
Battery checker:
Automatically alerts you to low batter.
Touch-Stun Backup:
If you miss ot there is a second attacker, the front of the AIR TASERŪ has a backup touch-stunner.
Laser Sight Interface:
Laser slides-on, no tools required.



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