First Sight

Peephole Lens System

The Best Way to Avoid Trouble Is to See It Coming!

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FIRST SIGHT is and advanced lens system that fits in your front door, allowing you to identify visitors from up to 6 feet inside. No more smashing your face against a tiny peephole! And it comes with everything you need to safely install it -- even a video tape showing how easy FIRST SIGHT is to install.

Why is FIRST SIGHT Superior to a Peephole?

  • Easier to use
    No need to press your face up against the door.
  • You automatically identify visitors
    Most people do not stop to look through a peephole. With FIRST SIGHT there is no additional effort required, so you develop a habit of looking to see who's there every time you approach the door. FIRST SIGHT helps you and your loved ones learn safer habits.
  • Installs without additional tools
    All you need is a drill. FIRST SIGHT includes everything you need including a drill bit, a holesaw, and an installation video -- all FREE! So you don't have to worry about drilling the wrong size hole, or paying more for expensive custom drill bits. No screws required.


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