Garrett GTI 1500 "The Ultimate Coin Hunter"

GTI 1500

Designed especially for coin and relic hunters, the GTI 1500 boasts the top-of-the-line features of the GTI 2500: TreasureVision, Power Master DSP circuitry and Scan Track, but at a smaller cost.

What you "see" is what you get.

While you're treasure hunting it's fun to imagine what you might find: a bag of coins, jewelry, war relics, or even a nugget of gold.

Only Garrett's patented Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) technology lets you "see" what's really buried below.

Most metal detectors can only determine a target's depth (if it's a coin) and the kind of metal its made of. However, the GTI goes a step further and also reveals the target's true size and true depth (no matter what the target is) via a unique, user-friendly graphic Imaging™ display.

Sophisticated information like this is invaluable, especially when a detection signal can be attributed to any one of several similarly conductive but different sized objects. For example, a coin, a screw top and a drink can will all trigger a penny signal. Without size information you have no idea what the target really is until you dig it up. The GTI's ability to determine a detected target's size takes the guesswork out of the hunt so you don't waste time digging unwanted items like trash.

At the heart this technology is Garrett's exclusive onboard Power Master DSP™ (digital signal processing) chip and superior 9 1/2" super deep Imaging™ searchcoil. Power Master DSP gives the GTI the boost of intelligence it needs to discriminate more accurately and find and identify deeply buried objects. Enlarge the scope of your scanning area with the 91/2" super deep Imaging™ searchcoil and you can find treasure at even greater depths.


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