Cobra 29 CB 

Cobra's five mile CB Radios with cutting-edge electronics are now within reach. Every Cobra walkie talkie and Cb radio is in stock and now on sale! With Cobra’s new Night Watch 29NWST CB radio, you’ll be in on the latest communications technology: similar to what’s currently being used in military aircraft. Fully-illuminated front panels are specially designed to make safe CB operation as easy on the eyes at night as during the day. And the sound is more clear than ever. Professional 40-channel CB features Sound Tracker engineering, S\SWR meter, Dyna-mike, RF gain - Delta tune, SWR calibration, instant channel 9 or 19 and ANL. A convenient PA switch and front panel mike complete the unit.

ONLY $169.00 for the Cobra CB Radio

Full CB Kit: $238.95
(Full Kit includes: the Cobra CB Radio, Antenna and CB External Speaker)