Ultrar: Ultrasonic Home Burglar Alarm

There are a number of systems available.  But you should know that there is no such thing as a burglar alarm system that will make your house burglar proof 100% of the time.  However, a good alarm system can deter or detect most intruders and will afford an added measure of security when you are away from your house.

Some alarm systems are strictly perimeter protection and others use strictly interior protection.  The best system is usually one that protects the perimeter of your home combined with some interior protection.  The interior traps detect an intruder after he has entered the home or bypassed the perimeter system.

Preference for the desired level of security and type of system used depends entirely upon your budget and the design of your home.  The cost of an alarm system varies greatly, not only because of the equipment, but also due to other considerations such as the distance to the alarm company, local telephone rates, the amount of wiring required, the construction materials of your home, etc.  If it is connected to a monitoring service such as an alarm company central station, answering service, or other (telephone) facility, there is a monthly service charge plus telephone line and mileage rates.