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This list is a sample of some of the free channels that are available with different Hi-Tech Mini-Dish Satellite Systems.  At least 100 + Free channels of the list is available with every Mini-Dish we sell, The more expensive systems get more than 200 Free channels.  Please call us during store hours  or come in for information about which channels are available with which systems.

Free TV list

Satellite Magazine

Radio Listings

This a  LIST was updated on Sept. 25, 2001

 Since channels are added and deleted all the time by the networks, we cannot guarantee the completeness of this list.  Please check back often for current free channel listings as we are constantly updating this page..

Click here for an additional sample of more weekly free programs !

Not all channels available with all dishes. Call for details.

Alterosa Channel


Bandeirantes Channel

The California Channel

A Public Service of California's Cable Television Industry.

CNN News
All the News, 24 hours a day.  Whenever you want to know what is going on in the World


Watch our government at work

E!   Entertainment Network

See what is going on in Hollywood. See their show listing at http://www.eentertainment.com/

For all the sports fans out there!!! 


Move over, Turner Classic Movies! Only HTVN can offer an exclusive library of more than 400 first-run and classic Mexican films, including 145 films never before seen in the United States! Action. Mystery. Romance. Comedy. HTVN's movie library has the films your Hispanic audience wants to see - and can't see anywhere else!  A unique and incredible era for many who lived it and also for those who wish they had. In it, many of the all-time icons of the Mexican cinema emerged: María Felix, Pedro Infante, Dolores del Río, Arturo Córdoba, Jorge Negrete…

Jangadeiro Brazil  Network

NASA Television (NTV)

NASA Television (NTV) is a resource designed to provide real-time coverage of Agency activities and missions as well as providing resource video to the news media, and educational programming to teachers, students and the general public.

The Outdoor Channel

Founded by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, The Outdoor Channel features quality programming designed to educate and entertain sportsmen of all skill levels. The channel promotes the traditional outdoor activities that are a vital part of our national heritage including fishing, hunting and shooting sports. The programs are designed to appeal to "traditional sportsmen" of all ages with a focus on activities that the entire family can enjoy in the great outdoors.



A Spanish channel that has everything from fiction, cinema, culture, and smart web.  A wonderful channel for any Spanish speaking family.

The Rede Record Channel


A must see for all the techs out there.  If you haven't seen tech TV then you don't know what you're missing.


University of California TV

UCTV highlights the University of California's core missions—teaching, public service, and research—through quality, in-depth television that informs, educates, and enriches the lives of people around the globe. The University of California television channel (UCTV) creates a place where the general public can become part of the multitude of activities that constitute the life of a research university: the excitement of discovering new ideas and knowledge; unmediated dialogue on major intellectual and civic issues; the exploration of scientific concepts and research; medical breakthroughs and practical health information; and the presentation of poetry, drama, music and other visual and performing arts. 

The statewide campuses, national labs, and other institutions of the University of California produce programming for UCTV. The program schedule provides blocks of time for thematic purposes (science, health, arts, public affairs, humanities) and for individual campuses. Programs include documentaries, lectures, interviews, research symposia, artistic performances, and more formal educational material that crosses a variety of disciplines. UCTV also reaches beyond the University, establishing partnerships with prestigious community organizations to capture and create programming of value and interest to a wide range of viewers.

Wisdom Network

WISDOM® is the leading, global media resource of information, entertainment, communications and transaction services to the growing, worldwide community interested in health and wellness, improved personal growth, heightened spirituality and life purpose, global issues, human potential and self discovery. This community, which the Company refers to as the "Core Category", represents those interested in improving their lives, interested in enhancing the human experience and improving the world around them.  WISDOM® embraces and honors diversity, personal choice and a greater quality of life; and, it seeks to reach the cultures of the world through encouraging the open exchange of ageless wisdom and universal truths. 

America One Television

America One Television is a 24-hour general entertainment broadcast network, providing family-oriented programming to television stations throughout the United States.  This station features a lineup of quality family programming that includes children's shows, sports, nostalgic Hollywood movies, classic television series, time-honored Westerns, outdoor, fitness programs, and music.  America One Television appeals to a broad and growing audience, by offering a wide variety of original and exclusive programming not readily available to competitors.  A1-Television provides a unique opportunity for stations looking for quality, family-oriented programming at an affordable rate...


Camera TV Brazil

Cornerstone Television

Cornerstone Television is a viewer-supported ministry absolutely committed to using television as a force for good. To impact our culture and reverse society's moral downslide by broadcasting the Gospel and bringing a fresh, positive, Christ-centered outlook. The Word of God is the most powerful and lasting "agent" of change. And television is the most powerful tool to spread that message.  Cornerstone Television is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with over 100 programs, ministering salvation, encouragement, and healing through two full-power television stations, over 100 affiliate stations, in-house production of 16 innovative original programs, and a nationwide satellite outreach through Sky Angel, and C-Band Satellite dishes (the large dishes) at GE 4, channel 19 (101 degrees West). Cornerstone Television is also solidly committed to one-on-one ministry through 24-hour-a-day phone prayer lines, outreach to prisoners and their families, and support for missions.

Daystar Television Network 

The Daystar Television Network can be seen on Sky Angel nationwide. Sky Angel delivers multiple TV and radio channels featuring wholesome and Christ-centered programs direct to homes, churches, and businesses across the continental U.S.

EWT Network

The Faith Channel, 24 hours a day you can have the faith

Golden Eagle Broadcasting

Golden Eagle Broadcasting is dedicated to bringing a positive alternative to mainstream television programming. As part of it's Family Safe® programming Golden Eagle will offer the finest in Contemporary Christian programming from Oral Roberts Ministries, Rhema - Kenneth Hagin Jr., Victory Christian Center - Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Marilyn Hickey, Creflo A. Dollar Jr., Keith Butler, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, and Robb Thompson.  "As our country has made it's way through the 90's, sex and violence have become normal programming for many television networks" says Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University. "Golden Eagle Broadcasting is committed to bringing hope to a new generation. What began as a mandate on my fathers heart years ago has become a mighty tool for helping to educate, inform and minister to all Americans."  In addition to Contemporary Christian programming Golden Eagle will feature a variety of special presentations, music, children's programming and sports events. Golden Eagle Broadcasting network can be found on GE4 transponder 9. It's reach includes all of the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and most of Canada.

Infomerica TV

A satellite is actually two separate systems. One system is know as the bus. This is the actual space-craft which is piloted remotely by technicians at an earth based control center. The other system is known as the payload. In this case it is a communications payload. In that payload there are a series of receivers and transmitters. The combination of a receiver and transmitter is known as a transponder. A transponder receives the signal transmitted by the uplink, re-amplifies it through a transmitter and sends it to another dish mounted to the satellite. From there the signal is aimed back to earth where it is available to any satellite receiver located in the coverage area. Satellites have diverse communication payloads. Some use low power transponders, others use high power transponders. The InfomericaTV Package offers a high power C-band transponder. This helps to assure a strong clear signal when compared to other "older" or "less powerful" transponders. In addition to the high power, the InfomericaTV Satellite Broadcasting package uses the newest generation of satellite built by Hughes. This new technology provides frequency stability, signal strength, and dependability. In addition, the "coverage areas" serviced by the InfomericaTV transponders are tremendous. They include all 50 of the united states, the Caribbean, Northern Mexico and Southern Canada.

logoSm.gif (4437 bytes)

Arts Channel

This channel is on 24 hours a day and is intend for the fine arts. Theatre, Ballet, Plays, Music and other entertainment. 


NBC, is one of the four major network of the United States. 


PBS, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a private, non-profit media enterprise owned and operated by the nation's 347 public television stations. A trusted community resource, PBS uses the power of noncommercial television, the Internet and other media to enrich the lives of all Americans through quality programs and education services that inform, inspire and delight. Available to 99 percent of American homes with televisions and to an increasing number of digital multimedia households, PBS serves nearly 100 million people each week.

Rede Boas Novas Brazil Channel


TV Cultura

Value Vision TV


  This station brings the Latin flavor of the United States to cable television viewers and radio listeners throughout the hemisphere.Washington Window is a live television news broadcast designed for broadcasters in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and  


APTN Broadcast Services boasts at least 20 years' combined experience and is staffed worldwide by broadcast professionals from both news and production backgrounds. Substantial technical developments, in preparation for the changing demands of the 21st century, have recently been implemented.  APTN Broadcast Services has fully adopted new image and information delivery technologies to serve evolving communication and media requirements. APTN Broadcast Services is now vigorously client driven and news focused.  From major set-piece operations to minor ad-hoc tailored projects it supports client operational needs anytime, anywhere, anyhow - its goal being to deliver the best global news production solutions solely for broadcasters.

Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg has changed the way you look at TV... again. We call it Version 2000 - TV for the millennium. It's a cleaner, contemporary design created with you in mind.  The Bloomberg TV Data Screen is the tool that Bloomberg Television uses to bring you the most comprehensive package of financial information available on any TV channel. Each portion of the Data Screen has a purpose and a mission.

Canal Twenty-one TV


C-SPAN let you see what is going on with our government.  Check them out at work.

Deutch WTV

Catholic Familyland Network

The AFC offers many ways to assist families, parishes, and other Apostolates in the Church. It is our mission:    "To simultaneously transform families and parishes. To nourish families through the Catholic faith in the Eucharistic and Marian Spirit of Pope John Paul II. To provide tri-media evangelization and catechetical systems to transform neighborhoods into God-centered communities through Lay Ecclesial Teams open to individuals of diverse Church approved spiritualities and associations."

The Home Shopping Network

The first shop at home, shopping network on TV.

Inspiration Network

Get inspire! ! !

MTV 2 Formally was "The BOX"

You get to be in control with the music video that you want to watch.  Watch MTV 2 and visit www.mtv2.com to select the video you want on TV now.  Interactive TV is NOW! ! !


QVC Network

Experience shopping on the TV 


Trinity Broadcasting Network

Like old friends, prominent people drop in frequently to chat on "Praise the Lord" -- TBN's flagship production. From all walks of life, they come to share on TV their faith in God. Leading pastors from America's largest churches. Astronauts. Champion athletes. War heroes. Movie stars. Country music entertainers. And it's televised "live" from TBN production facilities throughout the US.

TV Senado

Vision TV

We are developing a Christian entertainment television network. This television/multimedia network has recently been launched by Dr. Mark Hanby, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with several other high profile leaders from around the United States. The mission of Kingdom Vision is to develop and provide a platform for anointed ministry and spiritual dialogue covering the Kingdom while providing "cutting edge" television programming addressing a broad base of relevant and contemporary subject matter ranging from politics to business, health to education, marriage to music, ministry, race relations to entertainment, and sports to cooking.




Here's another Sample Channel list out of 

a Satellite Magizine

NASA TV PBS GBN  Shop at Home ECOM TV America's Collectibles Network
World Harvest TV Shepard's Chapel Network Golden Eagle Broadcasting WPCB Cornerstone TV Fox Sports Net Wisdom TV
MTV2 Deutshe Welle TBN Trinity Broadcasting Odyssey C-Span America's Store
Classic Art's Showcase EWTN New Inspirational Net QVC Home Shopping Network Tech TV
C-SPAN2 QVC Vision Network Tech TV TBS CNN


Classical WCPE FM Wake Forest, NC
WFMT-FM Chicago, IL
Country WSM-AM Nashville, TN
Easy Listening WNMX-FM Waxhaw, NC
United Video/Background*
International RAI Italian NET.
Deutsche Welle/var. languages
Jazz KLON-FM Long Beach, CA
News & Information CNN Headline News
CNN News in Spanish
CNN Radio News
BBC World Service
Radio Read. Serv./Rockies
Religious WHPZ-FM South Bend
World Harvest Radio - Americas
World Harvest Radio - Asia
World Harvest Radio - South Pacific
World Harvest Radio - Africa & Middle East
KHCB-FM Houston, TX
Trinity Broadcast Radio
Brother Stair Radio NET
WEWN-Birminghan, AL
Special Interest American Urban Radio NET
Wisdom Radio
Yesterday USA/Old Time
In Touch-Reading Service
Talk Shows Talk America Radio Network
Republic Radio
America Freedom Net
WWTN-FM Manchester, TN
Truth Radio Net
Talk America Radio Network
Talk Radio Network
Variety Cable Radio Net - L.A., CA
WOKIE Radio Net
News and commercial Free Station 
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