4DTV Model DSR922 Receiver

4DTV Model
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$1274.93 - Receiver Only

$1699.95 - Receiver & Upgrade Kit


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Add Digital Quality To Your Satellite System.
    As you may have heard, there's a revolution going on in satellite entertainment. A digital revolution. Many of your favorite channels are converting to digital; new digital services are already here, with more on the way!
    Introducing the 4DTV satellite receiver from NextLevel Systems, Inc. (formerly General Instrument), the leader in satellite television. This combined with Hi-Tech's 25 years experience in Do-It-Yourself technology will have you up & running in no time.
    Keep on enjoying all the benefits of your big dish ( if you don't have an existing dish, you can get a smaller midi-dish from Hi-Tech Unltd. ) : the choices, the picture quality, the entertainment value, the freedom. The 4DTV receiver will make you appreciate your big dish even more, thanks to its ability to receive crystal clear digital video signals and advanced user features such as its Interactive Program Guide.

2 RCA Outputs

Easy-access back panel

Standard VCRS interface. Video Cipher II Plus subscription channels

Universal IR/UHF Remote Control operates all receiver functions from anywhere in your home.

Dolby Digital

C- and Ku-band compatible

High Speed Data Ports

  • Interactive program guide (IPG) - Gives you the most powerful program guide. With over 500 channels to watch, the features in the IPG really make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Select programs of any type on any satellite with just one touch.
  • Instant Pay-Per View at the touch of a button.
  • Clear analog reception offers free programming including raw network feeds, sports feeds, home shopping, international and religious programming, and more.
  • DigiCipher II with MPEG technology.

25 timers you can set up to a year in advance

Search for new programming up to 7 days in advance


The 4DTV receiver means more choice

    When you add the 4DTV receiver to your big dish system, you'll be able to receiver four types of satellite signals: the analog "in the clear" (free programming) and analog "VideoCipher scrambled" (subscription channels) you've been watching up to now, as well as new free digital and encrypted digital DigiCipher broadcasts.

    Since digital allows more channels on each satellite, you'll have even more programs to choose from so you can watch what you want when you want. Enjoy choosing from over 500 channels initially, and just watch the number of new channels continue to grow. More Pay-Per-View channels so you can watch the latest movies virtually on demand--day or night. Dozens of CD-quality music channels without commercial interruption, new movie channels, sports, news and so much more.

Adjust the skew from the Options screen

Skew adjustments now available anytime you press the Tuning Arrow keys.


Make your big dish even better

    Compared to cable and mini-dish systems, the 4DTV receiver gives you even more of what you want to watch. More sports. More movies. More music. more special interest and international programming. More adult entertainment. And with the 4DTV receiver, you only pay for the programs you want. Unlike cable and mini-dish systems, being able to choose where you buy your programming means you'll always be able to shop for the best price. Thanks to all the free programming, the 4DTV receiver makes your big dish system an even better entertainment value--month after month and year after year.

New browse feature allows you to view program information for channels and times while continuing to view the current program.

4 customizable favorite catagories


The 4DTV receiver makes it easy


The 4DTV Receiver is the Clear Choice

1. S/PDIF Connection NEW
Allows encoded material to be played as stereo or decoded by a Dolby® Brand Pro-Logic® surround sound processor for AC-3®, 5.1 channel sound.

2. Multimedia Access Port (MMAP) NEW
The MMAP is primarily designed to allow you to receive high definition channels via the HDD-200. The MMAP connection can also allow your
4DTV receiver to adapt to a compatible computer and future technology.

3. S-Video Connection NEW
S-Video output is active on all channels, both digital and analog, and is effective at reducing "dot crawl" and other picture anomalies.

4. Baseband Video Connection NEW
Allows for the connection of external baseband accessories and stand alone descramblers.

5. Relocated Motor Terminals NEW

6. Dual Audio/Video Outputs NEW
Gold plated connectors. One set fixed, one set variable.

Digital DigiCipher® II Programming
4DTV receiver comes with full MPEG-2 decompression capability built-in, which enables you to receive more programming per satellite in both scrambled, and "in the clear" digital formats.

Standard VCRS Interface
4DTV receiver allows you to reuse your current VCRS module to access all VideoCipher® II Plus subscription channels.

NTSC "in the clear" programming
Analog reception offers free programming including raw network feeds, wild feeds, sports feeds, home shopping and international feeds.

C-Band and Ku-Band Compatible
Works with existing LNB's and dishes to make upgrading to digital capabilities simple.


Easy to Find the Programs You Want to Watch


The Clear Choice in Satellite Entertainment

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