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C-Band Accessories

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C-band is where it's happening these days. As the number of channels and satellites increase it seems that we "Sky Scanners" have something new to find every day. For the latest and greatest be sure to check out our 4DTV 

NEW SALE ON NOW! Yes, it's our Winter Savings sale! We've got many great items currently on sale, including the selection below. And just in time for your annual tune-up/fix-up. 


Click here for  more info

4DTV Model DSR922 Receiver (and complete upgrade kit)
$1274.93  Receiver Only
On Sale! $1699.95 Receiver & Upgrade Kit UKT-1001

Add digital quality to your satellite system.

Hi-Tech Unlimited does NOT recommend that you buy a 4DTV Receiver only!!!!  We recommend that you purchase the 4DTV Receiver in an Upgrade KIT!!!


Click here for more info

4DTV DSR905 Sidecar - Experienced



Hi-Tech Unlimited recommends this upgrade to your existing system only if you can't afford the 4DTV stand alone system.  The Sidecar receiver was intended to as a cheaper upgrade into the digital arena and in our opinion it is a second choice for the following reasons: More Info


Click here for more info

Supra by Uniden Receiver and installation kit IKT-1002

  $599.99 On Sale!
This is one of the best receivers we're ever sold.  Easy to program and align.  Easy to wire and set-up.  Comes with a great manual.

Valueline-18 inch Dish Mover
  $169.95 On Sale!

High Stability 20 degree C-Band LNB
  $139.95 On Sale!
Make and model may vary depending on stock levels replacement part to meet or exceed this models capabilities.

RCA Video Selector
  $134.93 On Sale!
Add six S-VHS and composite video components to your TV.

C-Band Surge Protection Kit
$299.99 On Sale!
Lightening causes 25% of all system failures. Protect your entire system with our C-Band surge protection kit.

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The Hi-Tech Unlimited's Super Simplified Guide to Satellite Installation

*      "The Hi-Tech Unlimited's Super Simplified Guide to Satellite Installation (No Experience Necessary)" contains everything you need to know to quickly and accurately install, upgrade, align, and keep your system in perfect reception at all times without having to pay a $200 service call every 6 months.  This manual was intended to be a quick read guide and is not a long extensive text book.  You can quickly install your dish and align it in a matter of minutes using the three page quick installation section or you can utilize the entire book for every detail you may ever need. Including:

1. Quick Overview and location survey (a site professional site survey usually cost $75.00 alone!!!)
2. Insuring a clear view of the arc. (This tells you where you can and cannot put the dish to clear trees and other objects.)
3. Aligning the dish. (North / South orientation, pole axis angle, declination offset, final adjustments.)
4. Glossary of terms.
5. Hi-Tech's seven easy steps to tracking the belt.
6. Appendex
7. Troubleshooting
8. Quick Set-up and mechanical alignment.
Compete computerized satellite location, azimuth, elevation, and type based on your exact longitude and latitude. (City and State needed to find your location)

**     It is a little trickier to install, tune, and setup this KU Band upgrade than the C-Band. (Especially without the help of our installation guide.)


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Upgrade Kit UKT-1001

Our Upgrade Kit (UKT-1001) comes with the following.

  1. "Hi-Tech Unlimited's Super Simplified Guide to Satellite Installation (No Experience Necessary)" a book written by Hi-Tech Unlimited.- More Information

  2. FREE - TOLL FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT FOR LIFE!!!! - in Central California only.

  3. C/KU upgrade for your dish - this upgrade will handle the agile digital encryption and un-encryption codes and signals as needed by your new 4DTV receiver. (most existing big dishes don't receive the KU Band, however the 4DTV utilizes the KU Band extensively.) You will receive dozens of additional FREE channels of programming at no monthly cost with this upgrade. That would be equivalent to paying $35 / month for a basic cable package!!! - More Information

  4. Compass

  5. Inclinometer

  6. All other gages necessary for the upgrade from an Analog C-Ban System

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Installation Kit IKT-1002

Our Installation Kit (IKT-1002) comes with the following.

  1. "Hi-Tech Unlimited's Super Simplified Guide to Satellite Installation (No Experience Necessary)" a book written by Hi-Tech Unlimited. - More Information

  2. FREE - TOLL FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT FOR LIFE!!!! - in Central California only.

  3. Professional Compass

  4. Inclinometer Gauge

  5. All other gages necessary for setting up an Analog C-Band System

This installation kit IKT-1002 sold separately for $149.99

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Upgrade Analogy

Think, if you had an old turntable or record player from the early 80's, by now the needle would probably be worn, the belts would be stretched and worn, the electronics would be outdated and antique.  You wouldn't try to integrate that old turntable or record player into a 2001 Hi-Fi stackable stereo system with surround sound and remote control would you?  Of course not, if you really wanted to listen to those old records of yours you would have bought an up to date turntable that is fully compatible with your new system.  That way you wouldn't have to worry about the old one going out on you or trying to find parts for the old one or ... (you get the picture)  Well, it's the same with that OLD receiver of yours - do you really want to spend the money to have half of a new system?  If you spend all this money and your old analog receiver goes out on you and needs repair, it may not be repairable.  Almost all of the old companies are out of business now and the parts for these older systems are no longer available.  You would then have to go out and buy a new analog receiver such as the Supra below.  You would then have two boxes instead of one, and In our professional opinion this would be a second choice to the 4DTV stand alone system.

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