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Vending Machines For Sale

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This Month only! ! ! All Coin-OP Machines 20% Off the retail  price

Coke Cola Machine

This coke machine has been restored recently at Hi-Tech's service dept. It has just been charged fully with freon. It also has a new paint job. It does not accept bills now however it has a slot ready to install one. It does give change. Currently set up for cans. 6 selections. Great Price!


V101 $1995.00
CokeMachine.jpg (76272 bytes)

Soda Vending Machine

This refreshing soda machine can hold up to eight different kind of soft drink cans.  It does accepted dollar bills and coins.  




V102 $2,995.00
v101.jpg (22024 bytes)

Snack vending machine.

These are the workhorses. Holds tons of items. We only have one left that is As Is if your a tinkerer and want a heck of a deal at $395!!


V103 $2,495.00
v102_c.jpg (47997 bytes)

Vending Machine/Microwave

This compact snack coin slot vending machine is equipment with a microwave.  This is great for any business's break room or school's cafeteria. Or at your place.


V104 $1,295.00
v104_l.jpg (31536 bytes) v104_c.jpg (34631 bytes) v104_rt.jpg (36571 bytes)

Change Machine



V105 $3,499.40
v105_l.jpg (27300 bytes)

Change Machine



V106 $3,495.40
v106_c.jpg (28185 bytes)

Change Machine



V107 $3,995.50
v107_c.jpg (30714 bytes)


It's not just a gumball machine or a game.  Its both, this would be great for any location.  It is fun for all ages.  Everyone WINS! !  


V108 $995.00
v108_l.jpg (21730 bytes) v108_c.jpg (19835 bytes) v108_r.jpg (26750 bytes)

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1231 N Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone: (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday 12 to 1:30.  Call first.
Closed on Sunday and Monday

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