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SE-4000 Super EAR: The high tech multi-element microphone is covered by a protective foam windscreen and mounted in an acoustically engineered sound boom that swivels 180 degrees for maximum directionality. Accessories include a binocular mounting clip and Velcro strips for attaching the unit to binoculars, and a stainless steel pocket clip for indoor and outdoor use. $237.00
EAR-2000 Wall Probe:  Sorry, no further information available online.


VC-168 Portable Voice Changer: No one will know who's calling when you use the VC 168.  It changes your voice by digitizing it, which enables you to make your voice sound very high like a woman or very deep like a man. The degree of change can be adjusted as you are speaking. The VC 168 Voice Changer has a eight point pitch adjustment feature that can be activated by pushing the three buttons located on the front of the unit. vc168.jpg (11394 bytes) $147.00
GT-360 Voice Changer IINow you can answer the telephone without being recognized. The Voice Changer II offers up to 8 different voice altering settings. One step hookup to our telephone's handset enables this unit to be compatible with virtually all telephones, even office systems. This unit also features a built-in amplifier allowing complete control over your handset volume. Compact and battery powered, this unit is easily portable gt-360.jpg (20119 bytes) $594.00
ANG-2000 Acoustic Noise Generator:  For your protection against listening devices that are not detectable by conventional methods, the engineers of R.E. I. have developed the ANG-2000 Acoustic Noise Generator. ang2000.jpg (6049 bytes) $2,775.00

If you have any questions or product inquiries please give us a call @ (559) 441-1111

1231 N Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone:  (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday 12 to 1:30.  Call first.
Closed on Sunday and Monday

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