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"S" Series Mini Lenses

***All makes and models are subject to availability at time of purchase - Hi-Tech Unlimited reserves the right to substitute older discontinued makes or models with newer ones as upgrades become available.  

15-L025S 2.5mm, F:2.0, Angle of Coverage:120deg   $57.00
15-L036S 3.6mm, F:1.8, Angle of Coverage:92deg   $42.00
15-L043S 4.3mm, F:2.0, Angle of Coverage:78deg   $42.00
15-L060S 6.0mm, F:2.0, Angle of Coverage:53deg   $42.00
15-L080S 8.0mm, F:2.5, Angle of Coverage:40deg   $42.00
15-L120S 12.0mm, F:2.5, Angle of Coverage:25deg   $51.00
15-L250S 25.0mm, F:2.5, Angle of Coverage:17.7deg   $57.00

"P" series Pinhole lenses
 "P" Series Pinhole Lenses
15-L037P 3.7mm, F:3.5, Angle of Coverage:90deg   $45.00
15-L055P 5.5mm, F:3.5, Angle of Coverage:60deg   $42.00

"F" Series Lenses
"F" Series Fixed Iris Lenses

15-L040F 4.0mm, F:1.2, Angle of Coverage:76deg "C" Mount, Fixed Iris   $42.00
15-L060F 6.0mm, F:1.2, Angle of Coverage:92deg "C" Mount, Fixed Iris   $42.00
15-L080F 8.0mm, F:1.8, Angle of Coverage:42.6deg "C" Mount, Fixed Iris   $42.00
15-L120F 122.0mm, F:1.2, Angle of Coverage:29.7deg "C" Mount, Fixed Iris   $42.00
15-L160F 16.0mm, F:1.6, Angle of Coverage:22.6deg "C" Mount, Fixed Iris   $42.00

"M" series lenses
"M" Series Manual Iris Lenses

15-L040M 4.0mm, F:1.2-C, Angle of Coverage:76deg "CS" Mount, Manual Iris   $90.00
15-L060M 6.0mm, F:1.2-C, Angle of Coverage:57.1deg "CS" Mount, Manual Iris   $90.00
15-L080M 8.0mm, F:1.8-C, Angle of Coverage:42.6deg "CS" Mount, Manual Iris   $90.00

lxxxvd.jpg (7464 bytes)
"V/D" Series (Video Drive/Direct Drive) Auto Iris Lenses
15-L040V/D 4.0mm, F:1.4-64, Angle of Coverage:76deg CS Mount   $168.00
15-L060V/D 6.0mm, F:1.4-64, Angle of Coverage:57.1deg CS Mount   $144.00
15-L080V/D 8.0mm, F:1.4-64, Angle of Coverage:59deg CS Mount   $159.00
15-L120V/D 12.0mm, F:1.4-64, Angle of Coverage:29.7deg CS Mount   $183.00

lxxv.jpg (5462 bytes)
"MV" Series Motorized Zoom Lenses
15-Z0610MV 6.0-60.0mm, F:1.2-360, Angle of Coverage:55.5-5.3deg CS Mount, Auto Iris   $777.00
15-Z0810MV 8.0-80.0mm, F:1.8-360, Angle of Coverage:43.6-3.4deg CS Mount, Auto Iris    

If you have any questions or product inquiries please give us a call @ (559) 441-1111

1231 N Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone: (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday 12 to 1:30.  Call first.
Closed on Sunday and Monday

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