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Commissions to Agents
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Dear Broker or Agent,
Thank you for visiting our site. As you can see we have done a lot of work establishing, advertising, and maintaining this site. Therefore we consider ourselves the listing agent per se and you the selling agent. We will pay a full 1% commissions upon final sale thru escrow if sold at asking price. All we ask is that you help us with all the paperwork as well. Thats $4,500.00! Thats more than you would make on the average $100,000.00 sale at 6% !

If the sale is less than asking price, a 1% commission will be given. This is still better cash than an average sale on a smaller house.

Please note this house has plenty of curb appeal. Please don't stop there. You need to get the buyer inside to appreciate it's beauty & value.

BIG selling points;
29,400sq Ft, Lot. That's over 2/3 of an acre. Mature Landscape gives you the feel of being in the park.  Approved and leveled in back to build a large building, Swimming pool, tennis court or keep as a play place with garden for you and the kids. Priced to sell.  Additional improvements to be made soon.  Price will go up to reflect those improvements.