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Hi-Tech Unlimited's 8 hour Recorder


The Hi-Tech Unlimited's 8 hour recorder. Its not just a telephone tapping recorder.  It is also a can be used as a recorder to tape business meetings, classroom lectures, or even work great with any video camera. A must to have if you want to get information out of people without them knowing. . .  

P1020049.JPG (83920 bytes)

Phone Manager


Introducing the NEW PHONE MANAGER (ER-2000). With it you can now keep track of all your outgoing calls whether you are at home or not. When the user makes an outgoing call, the Phone Manager (ER-2000) will memorize the call time, phone number dialed, date of the call and accumulate the number of calls. The total number can be up to 2000 calls. When you want to check or review the memories in the Phone Manager (ER-2000), you can use the UP arrow and the DOWN arrow buttons to select and review the detailed information about the call chosen. (Call time, telephone number ... etc.)
er2000.gif (19277 bytes) $267.00



The TeleCorder records both sides of the telephone conversation, has automatic recording on single line phones, and may be installed in a remote area, out of sight, where it will still record all calls on the line.  To install the Telecorder just plug it into a standard modular jack
MR101.jpg (4332 bytes) $657.00
Dialed Number Recorder


The Voice Controlled 5 Hour Dialed Number Recorder represents a new revolution in telephone recording. this sleek, attractive unit not only clearly records both sides of a telephone conversation, but will also capture and display any telephone numbers that are dialed. The built-in multi-segment LED will show you the telephone number as it is dialed and when you play back the tape! This enhanced model features switch-selectable two-speed recording. The slow tape speed is 1/3 that of normal speed which permits over 5 and a half hours of recording per tape. A switchable voice-control mode permits elimination of silent periods on the tape for even more efficient use of tape. This unit will decode tome or pulse signals.
5 hr. Recorder w/ Caller ID


The Telephone Information Recorder represents the ultimate in telephone recording capability. Not only does this sleek unit clearly record both sides of a telephone conversation, while capturing and displaying all dialed telephone numbers, but it also identifies the name and number of the party calling you! Automatic recording enables the unit to start only when the phone is in use. The built-in LCD display panel displays all data; caller's name, incoming and outgoing dialed telephone numbers, as well as, the date and time of the call! This innovative model features two-speed recording.

gt-tr.jpg (8259 bytes)

Telephone Recorder Interface


The TRX-20 telephone record unit adapts a dictating machine or tape recorder to both single or multi-line telephones.

trx20.jpg (10832 bytes)

Monitor II


Extended Play Recorder with Variable Speed
mr103.jpg (5336 bytes) $Call
10 Hour Recorder

Finally! ! !  A TEN hour phone recorder.
 6 hr. Micro cassette Recorder

Are you tired of having an important telephone conversations and forgetting an important piece of information after you hand up the phone? Do you long to be able to remember the exact wording that was said during business calls or those precious moments said between you and your loved ones? Then you need the power and the versatility of the RN 404 telephone recorder.

Rn404.gif (7641 bytes)


If you have any questions or product inquiries please give us a call @ (559) 441-1111

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Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone: (559) 441-1111
Fax:  (559) 445-0488
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 to 5:00; Saturday Call first.
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